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The 4 C’s usually identify and choose the excellent and price tag when it comes to diamond jewelry. The 4 C’s are: Clarity, Carat, Colour and Reduce. Just before generating any key diamond obtain, usually make certain to know almost everything vital.

The common excellent of the diamond is usually referred to as Clarity. You could possibly have noticed how diamond graders, utilizing light, examine them. This is due to the fact it provides much more uncomplicated access to a difficult and hard process. By examining these jewelry by way of this procedure their job becomes a lot easier. This procedure in turn makes it possible for them to spot lines, bubbles and quite a few other imperfections that the jewelry may possibly have incurred through its formation.The much more brilliant diamonds are the clear diamonds and therefore, they are much more costly.

Carat is nothing at all else than an unit equal to 200 milligrams and not the size of the diamond. As you would anticipate, higher worth is usually emphasized on diamonds of greater price.

In terms of Colour, as they reflect much more light, the colorless diamonds are the most costly. Even although they are seldom utilized in engagement rings, the rainbow colored diamond is pretty frequent.

Final but not the least, reduce is usually deemed as the most critical element of all the C’s. For starters, the brilliance of the diamond is usually determined by the reduce. The stone’s potential to reflect light gets impacted when the diamond is created to reduce into particular angles and distinctive shapes. Also, diamonds poorly reduce, are prone to breakage.

Taking all these variables into consideration, a higher excellent-carat, clear and colorless diamond is normally placed on the most costly diamond jewelry. Even although reduce is regarded to be a hugely-subjective element, a lot of folks favor shopping for a round shaped diamond for an engagement ring.

Authenticity and quantity of its collection are not the only variables to be regarded even though searching for a shop which sells diamond jewelry. It is critical that you discover a shop that educates and guides you about these 4 C’s to assure you finish up shopping for only fine diamond jewelry.

Four C’s of Diamond Jewelry:

The diamond market has usually graded and categorized the many qualities of diamonds. Finding out about the “4 C’s” of diamonds is regarded to be the most critical element.

– Reduce – Clarity – Colour – Carat Weight

These are the criteria adopted by jewelers even though grading diamonds and in order to get the appropriate ones they are the ones you will have to have to have an understanding of.


Of all the Cs, reduce is regarded as most likely the most critical and difficult process to be understood. As you know, reduce is the element that normally decides the brilliance of a diamond.


Most diamonds include some inner flaws that take place through the formation procedure. The clarity of this jewelery is commonly determined by the visibility, quantity and size of these jewels. Jewelry that is clear, build much more brilliance, and as a result are much more hugely priced.


The most desirable diamonds are the colorless ones as they permit sparkling or refraction of light. Brilliance is inhibited by off white diamonds as they absorb light.

Carat Weight:

A diamond is normally measured by a Carat which is the unit of its weight. The price tag of a diamond commonly rises exponentially to its size. This is a confirmed reality due to the fact big diamonds are discovered much less usually than modest diamonds. So, study and get a superior understanding of what a carat is and how it impacts the look of a diamond.