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Indian dressing for men has very long been regarded to become the most original different types of dressing for guys. Similar to Indian dressing for Girls, there are differing kinds of male attires and these are associated with the locations they live in. For example, a man residing in the South of India would dress in distinctive apparel when compared to a person from the North. Allow me to share the a few different types of regular garments for men in India

Dhoti Kurta:

The Dhoti Kurta could be the quintessential standard wardrobe for men in India, and is also alone worn in various styles in India. Generally, anyone residing in South India would wear it in different ways than somebody living in North India. By far the most famous individual to dress in a dhoti has become Mahatma Gandhi from India. In some instances, folks dress in a tunic previously mentioned the dhoti, which is recognized as the dhoti kurta.

Kurta Pyjama:

The Kurta Pyjama along with the Salwar Kameez could be coupled with each other, whilst the dhoti kurta and also the saree can be coupled alongside one another as identical attire. The kurta is largely a male tunic which is website worn over a pyjama. It could possibly either be comprehensive length or shorter length, until the midsection. The total size kurta may be till the ankles or occasionally even until the knees.


The Lungi is another critical Element of Indian classic apparel. The lungi is often worn in places in South India. It’s a piece of rectangular cloth that is certainly worn over the waist, and it is knotted. Even though lots of would believe that that the lungi is really a sort of informal put on, It’s not so in many elements of India. Even politicians, celebs and so on. put on the lungi.

They’re the three main kinds of attires that an Indian man wears. Of course, with the switching situations, Gentlemen have taken to sporting trousers and shirts as daily have on during the urban areas, but these are still worn by the older technology.